Blast dust and dirt from your photographic environment

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Dust and dirt is everywhere in our world. Mostly it goes unnoticed, but each speck becomes gigantic in the photographic industry where it seems to magnify 100 fold and in the exact place it is unwanted.

To manage the removal of dust and dirt, use our line of compressed gas dusters to get these evil particles under control. Different duster sizes and nozzle options are available. If you minimize the amount of particles in and around your equipment, you will greatly reduce retouching time too.

Blast dust and dirt from these areas in the photographic environment:

  • Camera lens and body: buttons, dials and knobs
  • Battery and memory card compartments
  • Photographic accessories and equipment
  • Darkroom equipment and negatives
  • Set and photographic subjects: remember to blast dust away for shooting area
  • Never use on camera mirror