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Disposable Dusters, Cleaning Wipes
and Screen Cleaners

Disposable Dusters

Dust-Off®, the market leader, offers the most comprehensive line of dust removing and preventive maintenance products for your electronics and other home or office equipment. Disposable cleaning dusters have been a staple for the care and maintenance of computers and other electronic equipment. A Dust-Off duster is a truly versatile cleaning tool with a multitude of applications.

Cleaning Wipes

While most preventative maintenance practices start with an aerosol duster, complementary products such as cleaning wipes can deliver the final and decisive blow to dust and other harmful contaminants. Dust-Off®'s Pre-Moistened Wipe offering has been expanded over the years to include Whiteboard Wipes.

Screen Cleaners

Dust-Off® has developed a complete professional product line featuring safe, effective solution for screen care. Completely safe to clean ALL screen technology. Versatile on ALL types of hi-tech screens including: Smart Phones, tablets, laptops, TV's, GPS and gaming devices. Combined, the Dust-Off Screen Spray and microfibre cloths deliver SAFE care and maintenance for today's high-tech screens.